I´ve had enough “I’ll do it later”

I´ve had enough “I´m too young…too old”

I´ve had enough “When the time is right”

 I´ve had enough “but first I need this and that”

I´ve had enough with fear and self-doubt,

I know I can do this, God Knows I deserve it,

and I effing OWN it to myself,

my time is NOW.


I mean ​LOVE

        I have to admit, every time I’ve heard or read about “self-love” I’ve rolled my eyes and thought that the subject itself was kind of lame, like for “losers” or people with low self-esteem. But the more I read about it and the more I practice it (in a conscious way), the more I realize that self-love is the KEY to success.

      Yes, the secret ingredient of my grandma’s favorite dish, “mole.” Just think about it: when you truly love yourself in a conscious way, it goes beyond just thinking of yourself as a good-looking, attractive and intelligent human being (how I’ve felt almost my entire life). It is the kind of self-love where you close your eyes and you see and FEEL yourself as LOVE.You close your eyes and you can feel in your gut that you deserve whatever the heck you are trying to achieve, just because you are love and you can, period. It reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s famous quote: “Feet? Why would I want them if I’ve got wings that let me fly?”



         That self-love that I'm talking about is the one where you recognize not only yourself as that feeling of love, but you also recognize it in others. This goes beyond your ego, and believe me, it is POWERFUL. Much more powerful than you think. Have you ever wondered why someone you might think is not qualified enough for a job position suddenly gets the promotion? What if that person has it by the simple, yet powerful feeling of deservingness. Because when you feel this love I'm talking about, you also feel you deserve anything, and I know you do. But do you? What if what is holding you back is that, behind the excuses of “I don't have time,” and “I need to learn this before I try it” or “practice more,” there is actually a lack of self-love?

         There is a theory that claims an entire mental hospital in Hawaii was cured just by transmitting love through a prayer called holo opono pono. Okay, maybe that is a little too crazy, too new age. But isn't it kind of logical that if you love yourself in a very deep sense it would be normal to receive all sorts of good fortune? As in, you don't need to do this, or be like this or that to deserve that job position or the kind of life you aspire to. And because of that attitude, you actually get the job and go get the life you aspire to. But please don't take my word for it. Practice self-love. It is not lame, it is POWERFUL.